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Compound for monomaterial packaging:  The solution for recyclable barrier packaging

Single-use plastics for food packaging often consist of multilayered structures of different types of plastic material. These multilayers are essential to achieve the main barrier properties that are needed to meet all requirements. The use of plastic in the food packing industry has led to enormous reduction in food waste. On the other hand, multilayer structures cannot be separated which prevents first and secondary recycling processes. A solution is needed that enables plastic used for food packaging to be fully recyclable.

Boostani B.V. develops masterbatches and compounds for monomaterial packaging solutions with barrier properties. Instead of different layers, Boostani B.V. uses additives to create barriers. The proportion of additive to material is so small that Boostani B.V. material is classified as monomaterial solution and therefore recyclable. All ingredients used by Boostani B.V. have FDA approval.

The mechanism of the additives in the thin film is shown in this video:

We work on different specifications (mechanical performance and permeability). Please contact us to get more information.